Schedule of Classes

  1. For quick search, enter keyword(s) [e.g. “clerkships”, “sel”, “ped”, instructor's name, course ID etc.] in the highlighted search box on the top left corner of the grid below. Click on the "Info" icon to view class details and books, if available.
  2. Alternatively, you may select the school and applicable term you would like to review on the navigation bar above.
  3. You can either scroll through all available courses or you can utilize the highlighted search box by entering keyword(s) [e.g. “clerkships”, “sel”, or “ped”]
  4. You can also use the filter function by clicking on the filter icon by the column heading and enter your keyword(s). For example, to only see specific courses offered in section “27”, click on the “Section” column header. Under “Show items with value that:”, select “Is equal to” and type in “27” and click “Filter” at the bottom. This will show only courses in section “27”.
  5. If you would like to see more details about the course, including what books (if available) are associated with the course, click on the “Info” icon on the left column.
  6. To identify if there are available seats in the course, look at the column “Enrolled”. The first number is the number of students registered for the class. The second number is the number of total seats.
  7. Only those terms that have been finalized are viewable.